Do you want to navigate successfully through all wind and weather conditions?

I work with you on how leadership can successfully
and inspiring succeeds.

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Executive Consulting & Coaching


I work with you on how leadership can be successful and inspiring.

Executive Coaching

Yes, I want to focus on my success.

Executive Consulting

I want success for me & my board team.

Executive Leadership

I want to take my entire management team with me on the road to success.

Your Executive Consultant & Coach – Linda Becker

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“Remember, it’s the headwind that makes a kite fly.”

“Remember, it’s the headwind that makes a kite fly.”

Swedish proverb

Executive Coaching - Your success.

Executive Coaching – Your Success.

It is a matter of attitude whether we fight massive headwinds or simply harness them to achieve our goals.

Using existing energy and consistently bringing it to success is what awaits you in Executive Coaching with me:
Deep, reflective conversations that resonate and quickly effect change.


consistently solution-oriented. inspiring. highly confidential.

Do the following topics move you?

  • You are at the top of the company and seek personal, confidential discussions in the background.
  • You are interested in reflecting on your impact to the outside world in order to continually improve.

  • You are looking for a neutral discussion partner who has extensive practical experience of her own and who understands you.

  • You are in a complex management constellation and need clarity quickly.

  • You want to anchor your vision quickly in your management circle and thus achieve success in a direct way.

  • You are faced with relevant decisions and want to mirror options for action.
  • You need an overview of far-reaching, entrepreneurial control and strategy issues.
  • You are in a crisis and want to get back on track quickly.
  • You think fast, act accordingly and are looking for a sparring partner with whom you can work on all relevant points at eye level.
  • You want success.

For whom is Executive Coaching suitable?


internally strong

Company owner


Top Executives


Managing Director

looking ahead

I take time for you – two or four hours in the first Executive Coaching – if required also full day. There is a structured assessment of the current situation, a joint goal setting and identification of the factors that are relevant for your success. Effective results are achieved already in the first appointment.

For your predictable success, 6 – 12 consecutive 2-hour sequences have proven successful, after which appointments are made as needed.

The greatest human achievements have come about through communication – the worst mistakes because people didn’t talk to each other.

The greatest human achievements have come about through communication – the worst mistakes because people didn’t talk to each other.

Stephen Hawking

Executive consulting - solution-oriented. successful.

Executive consulting – solution-oriented. successful.

Just as Stephen Hawking repeatedly asked “how” and “why” and thereby found the right answers, we communicate intensively with each other and pursue the questions about your issues until we have identified solutions that bear. Together, we illuminate the aspects that are decisive for your success in addition to the sober figures, data and facts.

It comes down to identifying the relevant factors that will cause your decisions to fail or succeed.

Define goals clearly and concretely
Identify & resolve resistance
Assess interpersonal dynamics
Illuminate your decision options
Thinking through the impact in strength & kind
Develop and implement sustainable solutions
Be successful in a plannable way
Define goals clearly and concretely
Identify & resolve resistance
Assess interpersonal dynamics
Illuminate your decision options
Thinking through the impact in strength & kind
Develop and implement sustainable solutions
Be successful in a plannable way


With the following references you can get an idea of which topics can be the subject of our cooperation:

  • Board-level strategy workshop facilitation.
  • Advise board and executive teams for closely coordinated, successful interaction.
  • Continuous support and advice to ensure the achievement of objectives.
  • Forming trusting & success oriented relationship in board teams.
  • Preparation of investor meetings that lead to success.
  • Successful mediation between boards of directors, supervisory boards and shareholders.
  • Cascading company visions into clearly measurable goals and developing relevant measures for targeted success.
  • Support in building a sustainably successful organization as well as in adapting existing organizations.
  • Accompanying cultural change across all management levels.
  • Developing a strong Customer Journey for C-level customer development in the DAX-30 environment.
  • Authentic storytelling for businesses.
  • Development of a corporate identity – among other things as a result of complex carve-outs.

Succession consulting for family entrepreneurs for a secure, successful handover.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

African proverb

Executive Leadership Programs - inspiring. successful.

Executive Leadership Programs – Inspiring. successful.

As a business leader, you want to move your entire organization. Together with your leadership team, you desire to anchor the successful interplay of vision, strategy, structure and culture in a stable manner – with your board colleagues and your entire, direct management circle.


consistent. purposeful. successful.

The concept for your individual Executive Leadership Program will be created for you after a detailed, joint analysis phase. It has been shown that this enables changes to be made throughout the organization in a short period of time.

Joint workshops with your board and executives are held at the beginning on short notice, creating a pull effect. Your leaders themselves carry the change throughout your organization.

Successful leadership has many facets. It is important to include the relevant soft factors. They are the reason why managers and employees enjoy performing excellently or perform mediocre or even poorly. The leadership model I developed, “leadership successful”, is therefore a starting point for the individually designed program.

Numerous studies show that a continuous focus of 1.5 – 3 years is necessary for old patterns to be broken in the long term and for the new to become permanently entrenched in organizations. Especially in crises and particularly challenging situations, there is a danger that people will fall back into old patterns of thinking and behavior. Therefore, in order to ensure medium- and long-term anchoring in the organization, reflective meetings will take place. The goal is that upon completion of the Leadership Program, you and your leadership team will hold the key in your own hands to keep your organization continuously on track for success.

Would you like an initial no-obligation strategy discussion for an executive leadership program?

Trust gives the conversation more substance than the mind.

Trust gives the conversation more substance than the mind.

François de la Rochefoucauld

My way - authentic. trustworthy. purposeful.

Focusing on your own energy is the key to successful action. In order to permanently master the challenges we face throughout our lives, access to our own energy is essential.

LINDA BECKER. sees itself as a support for top executives to know, mobilize and bundle their own energy in order to be successful.

The basis of our cooperation for this is authentic – trustworthy – goal-oriented.


Perceiving how you are – this is the key to initiating change. Our cooperation is therefore authentic, consistent and binding. For you & for me.


Mutual sympathy and appreciation lay the foundation for our trusting, open and effective discussions. Enriching & sustainable.


With Executive Consulting & Coaching I support you to reach your goal on your own initiative.

All appointments are meaningful and remain firmly in the consciousness. What clients appreciate about our collaboration is the razor-sharp analytical ability and stringent development of their own personality in executive coaching, as well as the development of concrete options for action and solutions for functioning success strategies in leadership consulting.

In feedback, customers report that they find the appointments profoundly transformative. You will walk away strengthened and confident with a clear picture – both in executive coaching and in consulting for board teams and an entire leadership team.

In the beautiful Chiemgau – in the valley, on the mountain, at Lake Chiemsee – and also throughout Germany and internationally. Together we define the right setting for your topics.

I believe in success. Always.

I believe in success. Always.

Linda Becker

Executive consultant and coach Linda Becker

Executive consultant and coach Linda Becker

“It is quite essential how we deal with ourselves, especially in phases of crisis. It’s a matter of looking and understanding what it takes to take the first step toward a solution. Believing in and trusting ourselves is the basis for being consistently successful.”

Curiosity, enjoyment of challenges, strength of implementation, straightforwardness, courage and joie de vivre contribute to the success of my work. I am said to have great emotional stability, especially in crisis situations.


Understanding people – my interest and passion at the same time.

  • What is behind people who are choleric, anxious, overconfident, aggressive, immoderate, nagging…? and what is the positive intention behind this behavior?
  • How do decisions arise and what do they have to do with our neural connections?
  • How can top leaders act creatively, calmly, solution-oriented, energetically, confidently and successfully even in phases of great pressure and extraordinary challenges?
  • How does leadership succeed and inspire?
  • How can success be planned for the long term – in good times and bad?

I get to the bottom of these topics with you and develop solutions together with you. It creates sustainable inner strength that develops far from ego.

When I was five years old, my mother became seriously ill with cancer. The doctors gave her only a few years to live. Her goal was to have us children become independent as soon as possible so that we could go through life well, independent of her. She managed to do that and, fortunately, she herself survived for another 40 years. From her I learned to always look at life with optimism, that nothing is gained by complaining, but that it always goes on with a smile and consistently creating solutions. Both parents modeled for us that happiness lies in the little things and spreads from there. That is firmly rooted in me.

My family is multicultural – has roots in Switzerland, Indonesia, Lower Bavaria and the Netherlands. For me, it was natural from an early age that different languages were spoken at the same table. Experiencing the qualities of different cultures and bringing them together is a great enrichment for me.

Freedom is my highest good – it starts with my own thoughts and stops where it restricts other people’s freedom. Appreciating and preserving this is my innermost desire.

“At the age of 16, I vowed to act in such a way that I could always look in the mirror with a clear conscience. Tackling things with heart and soul – or consistently leaving them alone – is also a principle I still follow today. Acting this way is a joy of life, very effective and successful.”

With my husband and our three children I live in the beautiful Chiemgau. The mountains there and the turbulent sea on the Atlantic coast in Spain are wonderful places for me – both to recharge my batteries and to create ideas.

You will be working with a highly experienced top executive consultant and executive coach: I work highly confidentially and closely with the top decision makers of large, well-known and global companies. My clientele includes large corporations as well as medium-sized companies, start-ups and family entrepreneurs.


For 20 years I worked successfully in a DAX 30 company, was a top executive myself, worked in key account management, as Vice President HR and in the restructuring of country organizations. I know the crucial success factors in business and have worked with supervisory boards, executive boards and managing directors worldwide on corporate strategy as well as personal development topics.

Executive Consulting & Coaching

I have been working as a consultant for 10 years, 6 of which I have held supervisory board, executive board and managing director positions. Since 2019, I have been focusing on executive consulting and executive coaching for business leaders, following my passion and dedicating myself fully to people.

Own further education

In his poem “Being Young,” Marcus Aurelius wrote “You will remain young as long as you remain receptive.” According to this philosophy, I have been continuously educating myself for over 25 years and am, among other things, a certified trainer and coach. For many years I have been intensively involved with the latest findings in neuroscience and their effects on our conscious and subconscious decisions. This knowledge continuously flows into the cooperation with my customers.






You would like to have a first non-binding conversation?

You would like to have a first non-binding conversation?

I am looking forward to you and the profitable cooperation with you!

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